Description Writing System

Your Secret Checklist to Success

It's the Realtor's new secret  weapon to winning more listings and selling more properties.

If you’re tired of hearing crickets after you’ve posted your listings or ads, or created a lush colour brochure, this unique writing tool helps create a commotion that gets lots of attention.

It’s called, A Realtor’s Checklist To Boost Sales Results From Property Descriptions – Your Resource for Productivity and Prosperity (© 2016, Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services). 

And it’s your new system to real estate writing… Learn seven-steps of copywriting/advertising principles that transform your listings into powerful messages that get attention from sellers, buyers and even other agents.

Watch the sellers' eyes light up when you explain how you're going to portray their beloved home (during the pre-listing presentation). 

And wait to see the enthusiastic interest form buyers after they read your description. 

I know you're busy so this is not a long and complicated copywriting process. It's  the seven essential steps you need to to perfect your writing system. 

Check out the information here to learn about this resource, or  pick up your own copy and watch things ramp up...