Services Options - Goal Setting

1) One-On-One - Consultation For Clarity

Working as a solo entrepreneur is tough. Staying on top things, fulfilling your ideas and aspirations, and getting a handle on vital tasks to achieve all you want easily becomes a disorganized mess of half-done tasks or projects. How can goal setting become realization?

Let’s review how you’ve been working and introduce more effective approaches and actions so you can shape, organize and succeed in your business.

2) Workshop

Better suited for small-business owners who want to develop better collaboration, higher productivity and convey common goals. A half-day workshop with follow up might be the strategy you need.

After a group strategic planning  exercise, everyone is on track with a clear picture of your vision, mission, and common targets. Everyone knows their role, and how integral their activities are in achieving your company's stated goals.

3) Do-It-Myself With The Guide

The information and instructions in this mini-guide help you to draw your personalized map – to lead your business toward 

  1. Focused activity, 
  2. Tracked process and progress, 
  3. Marked increase in productivity, and ultimately, 
  4. Better success.

If you're comfortable doing the strategic planning exercise on your own, check out “Your Strategy To Succeed – The What, The Why, The How of Strategic Planning” is the perfect guide
I’d like to learn more about this mini-resource and how I can change the course of my business goals and successes, by checking out all the details first.

This value-packed booklet is   available at an outstanding price. Get your copy now. 

Is An Accountability Partner The Answer?

Once your Strategic Planning exercise is completed, what do you do next? Who is going to keep you accountable, to make sure you're following through? Or, who are you going to bounce ideas off of, seek guidance from, exchange ideas with, and so on?

The answer might be to find an accountability partner. Not a business coach per se...because that's expensive. You need someone who's expertise and opinions you trust, who you can reach out with an e-mail or quick call at a moment's notice, or through regular scheduled meetings, to monitor progress and review challenges.

That's where I can come in, when you're ready to execute, or have already executed, but have a few uncertainties... 

Check out the details and rates for this ongoing service, and see if it makes sense for you.