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How To Grab Home Buyer Attention

The best way to describe what it's like to live in a home is by sharing the experience with details – by communicating the benefits.

And an Enhanced, detailed property listing for your MLS, Website listing, Ad, Brochure or Flyer grabs 

more buyer attention than a non-descript repeat of the list of features (that's whe everyone else is doing).

Generating Interest In Your Listings

That's what I do for you. Generate excitement and interest in the home you're selling.

Using a unique writing approach, guided by my customized seven-step detail gathering system called, The Shelly Moreau Real Estate Writer’s Checklist © ensures you and your seller client benefit from:

√ A new approach establishing interest, a critical emotional connection, and compelling immediate action.

√ Potential buyers who envision living in and benefiting from all the home offers.

√ Authentic and interested buyers who are aware of the home’s benefits (or perhaps its limitations – if some apply).

√ A one-of-a-kind description/ representation of the home, making it stand out in a sea of sameness, amongst similar homes for sale.

√ Immediate attention from an audience that matters. Your enhanced and meaningful description highlights  key features, and more…

All this matters because it allows you to

√ Eliminate time spent on browsers (i.e. tire-kickers).

√ Concentrate your limited resources and efforts on serious buyers, and

√ Attract pre-sold buyers who already accept what the home offers  (because they’ve seen your description).

Every description goes through:

➢ Complete Consultation – To determine your detail priorities (in relation to my writing system – The Shelly Moreau Real Estate Writer’s Checklist (© 2016, Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services)

➢ Collecting The Most Essential Information (you want to share) about features of the home, the potential buyer, and best positioning strategy,

➢ Reviewing photos and other material, so your description is right the first time out

and more…


➢ Guaranteed 24-hour turn around (for first draft), and

➢ Up to three rounds of edits (at no additional fee) – to fine tune your description if needed.

Special rates and packages are available when you have a multitude of listings to writ up. You'll find details on the Rates page...

What Clients Are Saying...

I met Shelly a couple of years ago at a networking event. We talked about her work as a copywriter and I was intrigued so when I was ready, I called Shelly to create my MLS description and Brochures for two listings.  These two properties merited a description written by a professional, to enable buyers to imagine a new life in the house. 

Each description, together with the professional brochure made this a fantastic marketing experience. Furthermore, I've been receiving excellent feedback at every showing.  

I truly recommend Shelly's services. It will help you to market your listings more effectively, and to get positive feedback. Click here to check the descriptions Shelly created for the two brochures.

Juan Carlos Zarco
Realtor, Keller Williams Solid Rock, and
Sales Representative, Certified International
Property Specialist (CIPS)  

The implementation of your services and method is a great asset. You have a positive way to “spin” the obstacles that a property may have. My clients are quite impressed with the creativeness of the verbiage.Agents have a habit of using “standard” comments. Using this method (of presenting a home) stands out to buyers and sellers.Shelly, you’re great to work with and completely understand the importance of the comments (description) to attract the perfect buyer for a property.

Sandy Petermann-Williams REALTOR® RE/MAX The Woodlands & Spring The Woodlands, TX

Shelly, it’s a pleasure working with you for my real estate listing write-ups. You demonstrate excellent property description copywriting skills that produce great results, and your ability to turn around the work in the short time you say you will is amazing. Doing so means I get the listing up quickly, which is an advantage for me.Because of your superior attitude, working together is a positive experience that I look forward to continuing. Ultimately, I have no hesitation recommending your property description services to other real estate professionals who want more attention from their listings.

Kris Anderson Your Premier Team RE/MAX Excalibur – Scottsdale/Sedona, AZ

Shelly Moreau, you do an outstanding job of describing our cottage properties. You paint a beautiful lifestyle picture in describing the recreational properties we have listed for sale.By providing you with lots of information and photos and working with your questionnaire, you have a pretty good feel for the properties and describe them in their best light, even the ones that are a bit more difficult.Shelly, you’re so good that I don’t want our competition to know about you. 

Sincerely, Iris and Jim Gardiner The Gardiner Team Cottages In Muskoka