My oversee strategic planning exercises so others succeed.

Helping small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs develop clear and purposeful plans and strategies to guide their forward progress –– through meaningful business activities and detailed strategic planning exercises–– enabling them to focus on what matters, so they achieve their stated (long- and short-term) goals. 

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Questions You Might Have

I thought Strategic Planning was only for large organizations.

No, it's not. Small-business owners, and solo entrepreneurs benefit in a big way, when goals and ideas are mapped in a way that helps you visualize what's involved in getting things done.

Not only's not a big, scary exercise. I provide context in the Guide and Workshop, but how detailed and complex you develop your plan using the steps laid out is up to you. 

Isn't this the same as a business plan?

A business plan is much larger and overarching. It's usually required when your business is seeking funding - a new venture or product for example. 

It's more of a justification document, including a detailed financial report with budgets and projections, a marketing plan, and your strategy to achieve all of it...

Can I build my strategies on my own?

For the most part. With the help of the Guide, you can follow the steps to map out your short- or long-term plans for success.

And if you need more help, you know where to find me...

Check out the details about the Guide, below so you can Shape. Organize. Succeed. more efficiently.

I'm launching a new business, will this help?

You bet. Right from creating your Mission and Vision Statements so you're clear on your ultimate goals...

Down to identifying and mapping out  various projects and associated tasks - so your daily operations to run smooth.

I deal with smaller projects in my business. Will this help me get/stay organized?

Another key to success is tracking – with the right tools in place for support. This Guide - with suggested tracking mechanism - helps you map your project's individual tasks, monitor deadlines and milestones, and mark achievements.

I've got lots of ideas. Why can't I just keep them in my head?

Keeping your ideas and goals in your head prevents them from becoming real. In your head they are abstract with no details, no deadlines, nothing to foster concrete, meaningful action, or measuring results. 

A detailed strategy creates conditions for more productive work, and enables you to use the best/most appropriate resources to their fullest.

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