S.O.S. Strategy Advantage. Business activities to Shape. Organize. Succeed.



The S.O.S. Strategy Advantage

If your small- or solo-business suffers from

  1. Lack of Focus: Are you carrying out activities that aren't making you money or don't fit into your long-term goals?
  2. Lack of direction: You've got goals and ideas but aren't sure how to make them real.
  3. Lack of tracking tools: What's the project's timeline? Which tasks need your attention today to reach a milestone?
  4. Lack of proven methods - What works, what doesn't, and what should change?
  5. Lack of Productivity: Are you chasing squirrels, just to look "busy"? If so, where is this leading you?

Shape. Organize. Succeed. With Strategies That Work

When you shape and organize your business, you've got  the makings of Great Planning and Strategy. In essence, your own GPS to success. 

Whether you're a small-business owner, or solo entrepreneur. Whether you're starting your business, or a few years in and are looking for clarity or direction...

S.O.S. Strategy Advantage helps you develop your customized plan to lead you closer to realizing your vision, dream and aspirations for success.

Stop Chasing Squirrels

Every strategic planning exercise or consultation is based on your particular challenges, needs and long-term vision to

  1. Map your future,
  2. Do only what matters,
  3. Stay on track, 
  4. Meet your goals,
  5. Celebrate milestones and accomplishments!

It's that simple! 

If those are on your to-do list, let's talk.

Behind The Scenes

Shelly Moreau –– Your Strategic Planning Guide

I Geek Out About Details

Before becoming a professional copywriter, Shelly Moreau spent nearly 30 years in an administrative capacity. Her logical, strategic approach to problems was evident throughout her career. And it was during that time she became particularly skilled at writing procedures-type material.

"I'm a detail oriented person. I geek out writing step-by-step guides so folks can perform their tasks better."

The Evolution of A Worthwhile Product

Shelly later combined her expertise, attention to detail, and professional writing skills to create a guide, resembling a GPS (so to speak) for business success. Initially created for her own use (and a colleague's), that idea soon evolved...

"I believed that the Guide could be helpful to other small-business owners and solo entrepreneurs. So offering the DIY Guide, or presenting complete workshops seemed logical and right."

Other Information Products

Helping you shape and organize, to maximize your time and resources through profitable and meaningful business activities - so you succeed - is my goal. Part of that process is helping you realize your ideas and goals. And as you're getting organized using better strategies, you'll you'll experience the shift in results and see success. 

S.O.S. Strategy Advantage - Ep01 - Why Ideas Need Light.

Every business owner has ideas and sets goals. They envision how their business will look in a year, two years, or maybe longer. Unfortunately, they often keep their ideas in their heads.

So how can you actually achieve your intended goals...get to your destination without a clear path or map? Most of us don't. It's a plan for failure.

Here's what you can do to keep this from happening to you...