Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services - The Copywriter for Real Estate Writing

Generating strategic writing results for your real estate business

Shelly Moreau Copywriting Services - The Copywriter for Real Estate Writing

Generating strategic writing results for your real estate business

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A Love Affair With Words

Originally from a small paper-mill town in Northern Quebec (along the Ottawa River), my family moved to another small paper-mill town in the Outaouais area in 1973. 

It's where I still call home, but now on a 300 acre farm with my husband, two sons and beloved family pet...a crotchety Australian Cattle Dog, named Dusty.

My interest in and great love for words was evident before I even began school. I simply loved words, and reading. 

I even recall, in Grade 2, being put behind the classroom piano as punishment for reading out loud while another student read - such was my zeal. 


Surprise! Writing Is Enjoyable

Even though that love of words stayed with me throughout my school years, I didn't realize that turning it into a  career  was a possibility, come high school graduation. 

In fact, I didn't take much  of an interest in writing in earnest until some time into my career as an Administrative Assistant (after 1988). 

I was prompted by my boss (in the National Gallery of Canada's Communications and Marketing department). She always told me,  "Shelly, I love your way with words". 

Next thing I knew, she tasked me with drafting, editing and formatting numerous documents. That was my introduction to writing. It was like a wake-up smack upside the head...

Following that, every other position I held became a stepping stone to developing my writing skills. And the more I wrote, the more I wanted to write.

Eventually writing became more interesting than my career. What was I to do now?


Groomed For Real Estate Listing Writing

After much reflection, in 2012 I took my interest in and love for words, and the near 25 years of previous writing experience (in a business setting) to a whole new level. I combined them with creative copywriting skills, then refined them even more and applied those principles to the world of Real Estate writing.

Further to that, I developed a unique approach (and Guide) to writing real estate listing descriptions, offering smart Realtors an advantage over others who continue talking about properties using the same-old method of sharing bland details –– without giving a sense of what the home really offers.

What I help Realtors and Agents do is transform your real estate listings, flyers/brochures, website pages or other promotional material into messages that deliver intensity, emotion, and power –– and better results. 

If that's what you're looking for, let's connect and talk about how I can help you accomplish just that.


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